I created Perceive as a response to what my professional experience showed as shortcomings in the wealth management/financial planning industries. The short version is, I saw the vast majority of people who need help with their financial lives are not getting the help they deserve. I believe there is a better way.

During my career, I worked at some of the world's leading financial institutions. Stifel, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Each of these roles gave me valuable experience that I'm building into Perceive.

I'm constantly learning and bettering myself and my trade. I can't wait to share my passion and everything I know with you!


I first became interested in wealth management during my junior year of college. The Great Financial Crisis of 2008 devastated my family, like so many others. My Dad seriously struggled with his job, our family lost our home and relationships within the family endured significant stress.

And at the center of all our problems was money.

I lived through what poor wealth management and financial planning can do to a's not pretty.

Long story, short. I decided I never wanted to go through that experience again. I dedicated my college career and professional career to learning as much as possible so that I can help other individuals and families avoid the struggles my parents faced. 


As hard as I work, I don't forget to live! My family and friends are extremely important to me. I'm a firm believer in investing in my family and friends as much as I invest in my work.