The Old school way only works for a small % of the people.

Perceive is built on the belief that everyone should have access to top tier advice and education, which is why we do things differently than the way financial advisory and wealth management services have traditionally been provided.

The old school way of advising is that Mr. & Mrs. Client would approach a big bank or registered investment advisor with investable assets (ie: cash) and then the advisor at said big bank would charge an asset based based, usually 1% of invested assets. This means that if Mr. & Mrs. Client have a $1,000,000 account, then the fee would be $10,000.

This structure works well for people who have $1,000,000 accounts but it works horribly for everyone else. An advisor in business using this model is required to search for clients that can pay this fee with the end result being that the people who need the help the most, don't get it.