Perceive knows fees are super important to clients.

$50 per month.png

Which is why we're up front about them from the beginning.

Perceive charges a subscription based fee to both businesses* & individuals starting at $50/month per person.

***Business pricing may be available. For more information please reach out directly.***

Why do we charge like this?

Perceive fee structure is designed to make the barrier to entry for financial services as low as possible. We think a simple, reasonable, monthly based fee is the most fair way to bill our clients.

The old school way Wall Street charges fees only works well for a certain group of people. The old school way of doing things means financial advisors, generally, can only work with clients who can pay a fee big enough to make it worth the advisor's time. Check out our "Old School" page for more information on this.

*Businesses pricing may be available depending on the number of employees covered.