My New Company - Perceive.

Reimagining Financial Advisory

Hi all,

Yes, in a nutshell, I left my job at Morgan Stanley to start my own financial advisory firm, but there’s more to it.

There are a number of reasons I decided to leave. But, the most important is I was frustrated by one simple fact: the people who need financial advice, guidance and education the most are not getting it.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that college grads just starting out, young professionals, newly weds, etc. are not being educated about what the impact their financial decisions made today have on their lives in 5, 10, 15, 30 years. Nobody is talking to us!

Why is nobody talking to us?

Honestly, it’s because it’s not worth anyone’s time to talk to us. The reality is most of us don’t yet have the asset base to pay the fees traditional financial advisory relationships require.

As a result the only people who really receive financial advice, guidance and education are the people with enough assets who can pay a big enough fee.

I believe this is a fundamental problem with how financial services are provided to people. There’s a saying in wealth management that goes, “it’s not timing the market, it’s time in the market.”

What this phrase is referring to is, the more time you have building your financial future, the more likely you are to be successful and avoid catastrophic pitfalls. Getting educated and starting young, literally with anything you can, is going to help you out so, so much 20, 30, 40 years from now.

Solving this problem is what I’m working on at my new company, Perceive. Visit my website to schedule an appointment to learn more about how to empower yourself and your life financially. I’d love to help.